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 Director Matt Lincoln 

 for Acthar IS 

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Having reviewed your creative, I am very comfortable saying that this project is entirely in our wheelhouse. I am a flexible director and producer who is comfortable with dialog based pieces with stylized b-roll, I have worked with children on many occasions, and my tabletop chops are up to the task. I also edit my own work, meaning that as we go through the detailed instructions and safety minutia, I will be thinking from both the director's and editor's chairs to ensure we don't miss a beat and are always covered. And in the event I don't end up handling your graphics personally, my motion graphics experience will ensure that whoever ends up with that work will inherit footage shot thoughtfully from the perspective of a fellow motion designer.

In short, I will have my hand in every pie. This will make the process as seamless as it is cohesive, and it will make communication responsive and turnaround times quick.

I propose the shoot be broken down into two days: dialog and tabletop. 


During day one, we will shoot the nurse's instructions to the parents in a minimal, stylized medical exam room. When edited down, this will serve as the narrative backbone of the piece. Shooting this as a direct address as mentioned in the deck will certainly establish a connection with the viewer, but it may also be good to include the nurse character on screen when we introduce our parents and baby. I feel framing this as a conversation inclusive of the parents will help achieve the empathetic and supportive approach highlighted in your deck.

On day two, we will shoot the tabletop sections that will comprise the majority of the video in the same minimal exam room set, with the baby on a table for which the exam table paper could change color per module if we choose to complement the graphics with dynamic backgrounds as indicated in your creative. Mockups of the graphics to be employed will be present on set, and careful attention will be paid to leaving the necessary negative space in frame to accommodate the complementary graphics and animation. In order to maximize angles captured and minimize the time necessary to have the infants on set, we will have one camera dedicated to a high angle as noted in the creative, and two other roaming cameras set to grab more detailed angles of the same action. This will ensure precise and dynamic coverage that will hold the audience's attention without putting an undue burden on the babies.

The lighting will be handled with LEDs where possible, minimizing heat output for the safety and comfort of the babies. It will come from large, soft, diffuse, natural-feeling sources and use a subtle but significant contrast ratio, calling to mind a spring day even in the context of the exam room, a place many find sterile and unappealing in real life. The hope here is that if the video can make something like an exam room feel comforting, it will give parents the confidence to believe they can administer an injection to their infant in a supportive and comforting way.

the shoot
director's reel
Rockefeller Center- Boy Meets Girl
Shot for the 80th anniversary of The Rink at Rock Center and their sister restaurants, this contains reel elements that demonstrate both my capacity to work with families and an ability to convey empathy on screen.
Amazon Kids
This spot, as seen on the Amazon front page, demonstrates our ability to work with unpredictable young subjects, our ability to find a good narrative in the edit, and an eye for stylized studio minimalism. This was also part of a larger series, demonstrating our capacity to shoot for larger modules.
WPPI Teaser
A documentary teaser for the renowned portraiture convention.
Rainy Dog
Lifestyle and tabletop for a boutique lifestyle curation company.
Natural Choice
Another testament to our ability to marry a docu-centric narrative process with attractive, finely controlled visuals.
Cocktails- Social Media
Our Game of Thrones themed cocktail video shown here demonstrates a high degree of tabletop control and style. We're obviously excited for Sundays.
editorial and motion graphics

We are offering the option to package editorial and all motion graphics together with the shoot. In addition to the edit and graphics on all director's reel pieces above, I've also tackled high-end edits and graphics as seen below. The edit will unfold in my post production studio on Saint Marks Place at Third Avenue, and any supervised revisions will be hosted on our 125 inch projector screen and catered by any of the village's diverse array of dining options.

Michael Kors- Access it All
I handled editorial and motion graphics on this trendy spot for Michael Kors smart watches.
Hood Cottage Cheese
These spots demonstrate a keen eye for typography and trendy animation, specifically against colored backgrounds.
General Mograph Sizzle
This sizzle reel contains a variety of other projects for which I've personally handled and overseen VFX and motion graphics, some of which I shot.
thank you

Thanks for considering us. I look forward to discussing your project, and hopefully bringing it to life!

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