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 Director Matt Lincoln 

 for Colgate: Brush with Me 

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We are excited to be considered for this project and, as the unicorn below will explain, we are ready to tackle it with a diverse array of high quality, budget conscious techniques. We intend to use new motion capture and lip sync tech to save on animation costs without sacrificing “in-between” frames when our characters are singing. This will keep cost low and quality up, while freeing up man-hours for the more specific action shots, like tooth scrubbing and animals interacting with their native habitats. 

The collection of work below is meant to demonstrate the breadth of skills necessary to tackle this project. We can animate characters, work with animation cells on long form projects, and tackle some cool and complex visual effects. We also have experience working with kids, so you know we understand our audience. By these powers combined, we’d be delighted to help you make toothbrush time fun for the little ones. 

Thanks for your consideration!

Unicorn Auditions for Brush with Me
A rough animation we mocked up where a friendly unicorn explains why you should hire us!
You don't want to disappoint a unicorn, do you?
Toys R Us- The Legend of Geoffrey
A cut down of a set of animations we produced using artwork from a storybook explaining the origins of the brand's iconic magic Giraffe.
The full animations were used alongside staged readings of the storybook, delighting thousands of children.
Amazon Kids
Children reviewing children's books for Amazon. This isn't animated, but it sure does demonstrate an understanding of our target audience!
Kidz Bop- One Kiss
We designed, animated, and composited the backgrounds for this season's Kidz Bop! We also worked with the set designers to ensure that the backgrounds and art pieces would mesh, and supervised VFX on set.
The Price of Silence
This rotoscoped film noir short uses green screen human performances in place of animation cells, but is front-to-back produced like an animated short.
Screen Trek
Sketch Comedy featuring UCB actors commissioned by NCM as the opening for their Upfront keynote. Premiered in the Lincoln Center AMC. Matt wrote, directed, shot, and directed visual effects.
Panasonic- TOO Real?
Matt wrote, directed, shot, and composited this spot, which relies heavily on puppet-rigged photographs to control the animals.
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