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 Director/DP Matt Lincoln 


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Rockefeller Center- Boy Meets Girl
We shot this for the 80th anniversary of The Rink at Rock Center and their sister restaurants. Seen here is the Director's cut, the 30 is currently airing.
Cocktails- Social Media
We make cocktails in an office with a bunch of high end camera gear lying around. Sometimes this happens.
Starburst simple syrup seen on the left, and our Game of Thrones theme cocktail, The Ice and Fire, on the right.
Cocktails- Short Loops
More cocktail love, this time in short pours.
Rainy Dog
Lifestyle and tabletop for a boutique lifestyle curation company.
I Am Coffee- Rapid Social
Quick recipe demonstration from a "speed of social" campaign commissioned by I Am Coffee. Turned around in one hour.
Poland Spring
A day in the life of an athlete training for the BK Half Marathon, powered by Poland Spring. Originally a snapchat campaign, the director's cut is seen here.
Train Like No One is Watching
This spot for New Balance uses a novel technique to blend slow motion and timelapse plates with elegant camera motion.
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