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 DP Matt Lincoln 


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Cocktails- Social Media
We make cocktails in an office with a bunch of high end camera gear lying around. Sometimes this happens.
Starburst simple syrup seen on the left, and our Game of Thrones theme cocktail, The Ice and Fire, on the right in a looping sequence mimicking the show's opening credits.
On the bottom row, we have a slow motion cherry drop on the left, and a looping vertical rotation around a pumpkin spice egg cocktail on the right.
I Am Coffee- Rapid Social
A quick recipe demonstration from a "speed of social" campaign commissioned by I Am Coffee. Turned around in one hour, shoot to delivery.
Poland Spring
A day in the life of an athlete training for the BK Half Marathon, powered by Poland Spring. Originally a snapchat campaign, the director's cut is seen to the left, and the original snaps below.
Rainy Dog
A short promo for a boutique design project.
Rock Center- Boy Meets Girl
Shot for the Patina Restaurant Group, this nostalgic short features a few of the group's signature dishes.
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