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 Director/DP Matt Lincoln 

 for Man With a Cam 

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Trojan- Shoulda Coulda
Directed, shot, and cut this for SapientRazorfish earlier this year.
Never forget the Cloak of Eternal Fire.
A high impact spot leaning on motion control to achieve time dilation and smooth transitions between practical and CGI scenes. 
Train Like No One is Watching
This spec spot for New Balance uses an infrastructure-light technique to blend slow motion and timelapse plates with elegant camera motion.
Boy Meets Girl
Directed/shot/cut this for the 80th anniversary of The Rink at Rock Center. Cut downs still airing seasonally for Christmas and Valentines.
Cocktails- Social Media
We make cocktails in an office with a bunch of high end camera gear lying around. Sometimes this happens.
Starburst simple syrup seen on the left, and our Game of Thrones theme cocktail, The Ice and Fire, on the right.
Amazon Kids
For, Jade Seal produced a docu-style web series wherein children review children's books. In eliciting and capturing genuine reactions from the kids, we helped them do what they do best: be freakin' adorable while getting straight to the heart of things.
Natural Choice
Here's a talking head/industrial piece where we tried to make copy paper interesting. 
If we failed at that, at least we got some fun moco timelapses out of it.
Screen Trek
Commissioned by National Cinemedia and premiered in the AMC theater at Lincoln Center. Improv comedy on green screens with UCB actors.
I wrote/directed/shot/cut. Perry and I tackled VFX together.
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