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 Writer/Director Matt Lincoln 

 Narrative Reel 

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To Whom it May Concern
I am a highly flexible writer and director of narrative content. The work assembled below is meant to demonstrate breadth, aptitude, and an ability to deliver cohesive content in complex situations.
Capable of wearing many hats at once, I shoot and edit nearly all my work and act as my own VFX supervisor. This makes me a great option in a market where demand for digital content is exploding while budgets are only growing more challenging. On larger sets, it enables me to anticipate the needs of my department heads while also knowing how much I can ask of them. 
In addition to my experience writing, directing, and producing shorts and commercials, I've also shadowed more established TV directors on episodes of The Following (Marcos Siega) and Psych (Mel Damski).
Thanks for your time!
Narrative Reel
A smattering of my favorite scenes.
Boy Meets Girl
The director's cut of a piece I directed, shot, and cut for the 80th anniversary of The Rink at Rock Center. Cut downs aired around the country.
Screen Trek
Sketch Comedy commissioned by NCM as the opening for their Upfront keynote. Premiered in the Lincoln Center AMC. I wrote, directed, shot, and directed visual effects.
The world-tease for a supernatural webseries made for the aging fans of Avatar: the Last Airbender, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Harry Potter. I wrote, directed, and shot. 
A short we had in festivals in 2015. Funded entirely by donations and starring members of the community it affected including a former prison guard, this short is based on a real prison which we are happy to know has since been forced to shut down by the DOJ.
I directed, shot, and co-wrote.
Train Like No One is Watching
This spec spot for New Balance uses a novel technique to blend slow motion and timelapse plates with elegant camera motion, and stars athletes from Cirque du Soleil.
Panasonic- Too Real
This spot demonstrates the true dangers of 4k televisions and begs important questions about what is safe to watch on your outdoor patio.
I wrote, directed, and shot.
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